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The differences in the nature of PE & Biodegradable Material

1.The operation conditions and efficiency of production for Bio-degradable material are different from normal PE material:

  • For Cutting and Sealing Machine – To produce Bio-resin bags, the cutting and sealing speed will be much slower than PE material, so if based on the quantity of the bags, the labor costs will be higher.
  • For Blown Film Machine—It takes longer time to cool down the Bio-degradable material, but its density is higher then PE, so if based on the weight (KG), then the efficiency of blown film is still good enough. 

2.The costs of production and management for Bio-degradable material are much different from PE production. The price of Bio-degradable material is much higher (about US$4.0-4.5 per KG, but for PE is about US$1.3-1.5 per KG)

Bio-Resin About US$4.0-4.5/KG
PE About US$1.3-1.5/KG
  • Normally, costs of PE are much lower and PE could be recycled easily, so there is a very big difference on the costs between both materials. Let’s take T-shirt bag with 12% Die-Cut for example:

Cost for material = 112 % (1+12%) material for 1 KG T-shirt bag, so the actual cost of Bio-degradable material will be US$4.0-4.5/KG × 112% = US$4.48 – 5.04/KG

US$4.48-5.04 / 1.3-1.5 = 3.36 – 3.44 times more than PE

²  In such consideration, the bio-degradable material cost will be 3 times than normal material (PE)

  • If we use JIT SERIES, re-used the Die-Cut on-line, zero waste during production, 1 KG material can produce 1 KG T-shirt Bag. For Bio-Resin, we will save 12% on the material cost, which means that we save US$0.48 – 0.54 ( US$4.0 – 4.5 x 12% ) per KG. 

3.The 12% material cost, which JIT can save, is already more than enough to cover the costs for producing and management (Including workers, water and electricity, packing, costs for facilities, management & other factory expenses). With the same selling prices, by using JIT for making Bio-Degradable T-shirt bags, the competitiveness, profits and ROI (Return of Investment) will be much higher.

4.In additional, although bag making machine works very fast on PE material. Butwhen producing Bio-degradable materialthe sealing & cutting speed is very slow, therefore, there are big advantages from the in-line production process and in re-using Die-Cut on JANDI’S JIT.

5.As Bio-degradable material will absorb moisture from the environment, it becomes more difficult to make a good sealing. JIT SERIES, all-in-one process, sealing right after film blowing, while the material has not been totally cooled down, the sealing quality is much superior.

6.According to the material supplier, bio-degradable material cannot be recycled. But, if not trying to recycle, the disposal of the waste & die-cut from bio-degradable material will become big additional expenses. So, JANDI’S JIT is the best solution for the production of Bio-Degradable T-shirt bags .

1.The differences in the nature of PE & Biodegradable Material

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